Me in my practice


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A word from my clients

I have known Asja since my second pregnancy and was reaching out for a massage therapist who could help the tension in my body caused by the extra weight of my pregnancy. I found Asja, who happened to live next door at that time and she introduced me to facial reflexology, as it is so [...]

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My YouTube video – What is reflexology?

This is my humble take on explaining the magic of our bodies as well as the magnificence of the healing art of reflexology. It has helped me on my personal journey towards healing and has ever since been a subject of my great interest and passion. Today I am able to help others by using [...]

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Pets reflex therapy

The non-invasive, natural healing modality of facial reflex therapy by Lone Sorensen is very successfully applied on animals too. In this video, you can see what it looks like: Animals really enjoy it, just like humans do. Anyone can learn how to apply this healing technique on ther beloved pet. If you'd like to [...]

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My education in reflexology

Indian reflexologists Namita Unnikrishnan and Namita Arora, were my first mentors in reflexology, anatomy, physiology and pathology. It is to the two of them that I owe my great love for the art of reflexology, the knowledge and skills to help people heal, using only the ten fingers on my two hands. I studied foot [...]

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