This is a place where I share information and videos of EFT tapping sequences I either think of my self and record or come across.

This magical technique happens to be one of my favorite natural healing modalities. I use it almost daily and I would say that it represents the simplest and most effective way to heal.
It consists of tapping on 9 specific meridian points. When we do this, whilst at the same time focusing on something that bothers us, we see that we are able to still have the same thoughts but without experiencing all that typical emotional drama which some thoughts are causing and all that chemical madness in our body which causes us to experience symptoms like hyperventilation, increased heart rate or that sudden rush of adrenaline. This, now new, state of tranquility, allows us to, from our subconscious, our whole system, literally cleanse, delete thoughts and emotions which are causing havoc in our physical body and insert some ne wand beneficial „programming“.

Quick Tapping for na amazing day

  I love the tapping videos of Brad Yates and tap with him most often! This is a great tapping sequence for an amazing day...    

By | October 21st, 2018|EFT tapping|0 Comments

My EFT tapping video – Helping adults fall asleep

By | April 9th, 2017|EFT tapping|0 Comments

My EFT tapping video – Relieving physical symptoms

By | March 1st, 2017|EFT tapping|Comments Off on My EFT tapping video – Relieving physical symptoms
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