These are the people I follow, practitioners I recommend…

Dr. Christiane Northrup

She is my biggest authority when it comes to female health. DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP

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Kris Carr

Kris is my inspiration and a big source of ideas on how to live more in tune with mother nature and myself. She is a crazy sexy cancer thriver and all about wellness. Merken Merken

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Dr. Wayne Dyer

The other author and speaker who is a great inspiration on my spiritual path, someone from whom I heard several mind blowing concepts, someone who brought me to the ground the most and challenged my humbleness. DR. WAYNE DYER

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Louise Hay

The one thing which drastically changed my life for the better and marked the beginning of my conscious and healing journey towards loving myself and living a healthy and harmonious life, was getting my hands on the book “You can heal your life”. Forever grateful I am to my soul sister Renebella for introducing me [...]

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