This blog is a potential navigating tool for those in search of happiness in health.

Wherever you are on this journey, whenever you wish to find inspirational life stories, to dive into healthy choices, or explore the ancient arts of healing, this is the place you are always welcome to visit. Here you will find information on complimentary healing, eastern philosophy, vegetarian/vegan/raw food recipes, book titles, my own videos, exercise tips and insights into healthier living choices of my family.

My hope is that each reading leaves you happier, more fulfilled and at peace, more inspired and more knowledgeable. But also kick-ass you into action!

As an XXL version of an introvert, starting a blog was way out of my comfort zone but the joy of sharing my healing experience, and discoveries made along the way, with others in search of peace and harmony is stronger than anything and has just tipped the scale. So, from now on, everything we have been talking about in small rooms in different corners of the globe, all the things I am being asked to share, tips to give, directions, contacts, will be found here

I am truly happy for us to walk this transformational path together.