Balance, for me, is that only state in which the body can function optimally.

I have screwed up big time in the beginning of my life, when it comes to taking care of my body. At the age of 29 I was diagnosed with a supposedly incurable autoimmune disease. I waved goodbye at my doctors and became the CEO of Saving my Ass Inc.

In the next three years, I focused on finding out what the body needs in order to function optimally and applied this knowledge. The symptoms of the disease disappeared, one by one and the doctors eventually deleted their diagnosis from my medical files.

I wish to share with you my love and what know. To keep myself in balance, on all levels of my being, I do these things…

Spend time outside, in fresh air, possibly in the sun & green, breathing deeply.

Whenever we breathe in, we do not only breathe in oxygen but the subtle life force prana, as well. Breathing good quality air and deep enough is crucial

Drink resonable amounts of water.

I had, before, no idea that the majority of my body is made up of water which needs constant replenishing. Water is also the main conductor of the electrical current of our central nervous system. No water – well, you get the picture – the main processor can not operate properly and that means the body as a whole neither.

Eat fresh, organically grown, whole foods and healthy fats.

Just remember that food is ONLY food in its recognisable form and nothing packaged, off the shelf of a supermarket. As simple, as that.

Spend time in silence / meditate.

Do some form of exercise. Move!

Hatha yoga, 5 Tibetans or simply walking, dancing, of course too. By not moving regularly, I did a lot of damage to my body. I had no idea that, unlike my blood, which has the heart as a pump to pump it around my body, my lymph does not move unless I move.

Sleep 8-10h, in complete darkness (if possible).

Harbour only healthy feelings and thoughts.

It is an esoteric truth that everything that happens in our physical body is just a manifestation of what happens in our other, energy bodies. Every moment of every day, each cell of our physical body feels / is affected by the frequency of our thoughts and feelings. So, no, we do not want to be angry, in grief, frustrated, anxious, afraid, for any prolonged period of time.

Do good deeds, they fulfil me and are like a balm for my heart.

The more light I share with others, the brighter mine gets. The more love I shower others with, the more of it I get back. It’s magic.


Seven heartfelt episodes of laughter a day, keep any illness away.

Make love, with a lot of joy.

It is completely regenerative for the body.

Stimulate the body and keep the energy flowing in other natural and non-invasive ways.

Like reflexology, yoga, DO-IN tapping (, EFT tapping (, acupuncture etc.

Ask for help, whenever life gets rough and I am overwhelmed.