I have known Asja since my second pregnancy and was reaching out for a massage therapist who could help the tension in my body caused by the extra weight of my pregnancy. I found Asja, who happened to live next door at that time and she introduced me to facial reflexology, as it is so gentle and relaxing, that it makes it perfect also for pregnant women. I had known foot reflexology before, have tried reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture and all different forms or relaxing massage before, so I was open for her treatment but at the same time critical to what the benefits would be. Already after the first session on my face, I felt a massive difference in the tension of my whole body, the stiffness in my joints and the overall relaxation level – the treatment felt heavenly! I continued going to Asja on a regular basis, also after the birth of my children. And her treatments supported my recovery from birth in an amazing way. The obvious first feeling you experience after Asja’s treatment is the immediate relaxation. Whatever stresses your mind at that moment, whether stress at work, an illness or something else going on, you let go of it. And even better, Asja always customises the session to make the best health benefits of it, so it has great long term effects on your health. There is also something about Asja as a therapist that is mesmerizing; she just has such a calming effect on her clients. She never stresses on you, always shows a true interest in your health and wellbeing. She has a wonderful gift and it is lovely to see her passion for what she is doing. She is so knowledgeable regarding all sorts of illnesses as well, and never pretends to be a healer but rather an enabler for a healthier state of mind and body. If only everyone knew what I know about her! I warmly recommend her treatments to anyone, male, female, old and young.

Linda Lorz, Career Advisor, from Finland


I have known Asja for nearly 16 years and I find her treatments and their effect very helpful in dealing with my back, shoulder and neck pain; and also reducing job stress. I felt a real connection between my feet and the rest of my body. Even from the first treatment I felt a huge improvement.

The best thing I experienced while I was treated by Asja, is that I always felt that I walk a little lighter, aches go away, and my body functions better for days after each session.

Foot reflexology makes me achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced mind and body due to everyday life stress. The treatment and effect afterwards is pure bliss.

As a professional therapist she is very informative, knowledgeable, calming, intuitive, always able to pinpoint the areas that need special attention and has wonderfully healing hands.

Emina Kadric, Executive Consultant, from Bosnia


I met Asja by chance and, curious to know more about her work, I decided to give it a try. In that period I was suffering of severe back problems, I could hardly get out of bed without feeling terrible pain, could not get up from a chair and was feeling big pain whilst walking. I spoke with her and she explained to me about reflexology and how it works. I never experienced reflexology before so I just wanted to try also this road. Results were amazing. In less then two months my back had a huge improvement and now I am feeling so much better. She follows you really closely. She has been my best thing in St. Gallen and I would recommend her without a blink of an eye.

Valentina Bacchetti, Photographer, from Italy


Initially, I was perhaps one of the strongest disbelievers with regard to natural healing and simply visited Asja after being recommended to her by my wife, who spoke highly of her. My first and perhaps greatest issue was severe pain in my right shoulder, nerves which never really gave me a sense of peace physically speaking. Facial Reflexology was administered and over the days which followed, I became aware of the absence of pain & discomfort. From there, Asja & I proceeded to try EFT tapping for a more psychological purpose which also had extraordinary benefits.

Alongside Asja’s clear ability to heal, she also has a way of being, a genuine persona about her which simply elevates a patient to feeling extremely well. For anyone in need, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

James Duncan, e-Commerce / Creative Identity Manager, from UK


Asja’s treatment is very pleasant and I can’t wait for her to be back in Slovenia and give me more. She is a wonderful being, with skilful hands and I feel she loves what she is doing. Since she taught us how to do it, we also massage each other’s feet at home.

Eva Mulej, student, from Slovenia


With reflexology being pregnant or not, was different, as if you were massaged from the inside. I remember, the first time it happened, telling Asja how my head is so light as a feather, like flying, It was a sensation I never felt before, with any of the standard massages and not even with yoga. During my first pregnancy I had swollen feet and could wear only flip-flops. During the second pregnancy I ended up seeing Asja twice a week. My feet looked like I wasn’t even pregnant, which was amazing. What really amazed me is when she took my foot and showed me how it works – where to press, how much, how specific parts of the body are affected by this stimulation. She was really always an open book, ready to share everything she knew. You don’t find that often. She taught me how to occasionally help myself, my little ones.

Mersiha Causevic Podzic, Media Specialist, from Bosnia