The last book to reach our home in 2016 was “Gorilla Thumps & bear Hugs”, an EFT tapping story, and instructions guide I would say, for kids, by  Alex Ortner. It turned out to be a masterpiece of simplicity in introducing kids with the emotional freedom technique of tapping. The technique has for long been a favorite with both me and my now 8 year old daughter. We did not expect to find anything new in the book, bought it out of sheer support to the Tapping Solution team and their efforts to help humanity.

Surprisingly, the story written by Alex, situated  at a school playground and depicting a situation typicall for any school surrounding, inspired my daughter troumendously. So much so that early next morning I found her sitting at her desk, sketching her own pocket version of a reference guide one can use in a similar situation in their school, she sad. Because “mommy, things like this happen all the time and I can help everyone who is sad”. Wow, it felt wonderful just hearing that!

Here are my clumsy photos of the front and back sides of Tara’s pocket reference guide. It was first used four days later, on Jan 4 2017 to help a classmate in pain after taking a fall on the ice and another friend “who was just sad”. Needless to emphasize how happy (and proud) being able to help made Tara feel. Alex Ortner – BRAVO and THANK YOU!

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