If you are interested in studying the healing art of reflexology, there is only one person from whom you should learn. She is Lone Sorensen, an extraordinary Danish reflexologist who has been awarded for her cntribution to mankind not once, but three times in her life. Among other, she is the author of over 30 natural healing techniques including facial reflex therapy, neuro foot reflex therapy, Temprana rehabilitation therapy (http://www.temprana.org/en/). You can find all about her courses here:

the web site of the International institute of foot, hand & facial reflex therapy (IRFI de Lone Sorensen)


If you find distance or online learning exciting, visit the web site of Lone Sorensen’s online school:


From the comfort of your home, you can nowdays study facial reflex therapy, TCM foot reflexology, pets reflex therapy, neuro hand reflex therapy, Tibetan neck & scalp reflex therapy, lymphatic drainage reflex therapy and so much more.

Myself, I have been studying from Lone since 2012. and could not recommend her courses more. Her knowledge and her personality are a great inspiration. She is that kind of teacher you meet once in a lifetime, really. Teaching tirelessly in her 26 schools around the world, as well as online, she isĀ  always there, in touch and at disposal to all her students from around the world. Once a month we also have a webinar together in which she answers all of the questions we send her from different corners of the globe.

If you are excited about the idea of having this amazing healing art within you 10 fingers, Lone Sorensen will give you the best knowledge in the simpliest form (one of my top reasons for really enjoying studying from her!).