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by using my fingers

What happens in the body the moment one starts working (gently stimulating the reflex points) on someone’s feet, hands, face or earlobes, I can only describe as pure magic.

All of these body parts are home to thousands of nerve endings which you can picture as a web of tiny buttons. Every one of the organs, glands, limbs, everything that exists in our body – has its own button. What is more, the whole of our body is reflected in each of these parts, most perfectly in our feet. Interestingly, the term “reflexology” doesn’t refer to reflexes, but to reflection.

You can imagine our feet, for example, literally being remote controls communicating with the main processor: the brain. Once you press a button, two things happen:

– through the nervous system, the brain receives the message from the button corresponding to, for example, the right kidney: “Hello, brain, please turn your attention to what is going on here in this organ“. The brain checks the balance in that particular organ and if it establishes that its function is out of balance, it triggers processes aimed at bringing its function back into balance. (Balance is the state in which a structure of the human body can function optimally.)

– at the same time, all four vital flows in the body are stimulated: the BLOOD (bringing nourishment to cells), the LYMPH (cleaning up the body and taking away waste), the ELECTRICAL CURRENT OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (connecting all body parts and making sure messages, in the form of impulses, travel to and from the brain throughout the system), and the VITAL ENERGY through subtle channels called meridians. Amazing! (It is crucial that these 4 flows are flowing without any obstruction.)

The body is spectacular and has many ways to deal with imbalance (for instance, when one kidney loses its function, the other one takes over). All of this means that by stimulating reflex points, we stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. So simple! This ancient knowledge has been used for thousands of years, by civilisations across the globe.


MAIN CHARACTERISTICS of this therapeutic procedure

– NATURAL, NON-INVASIVE: it aims at re-establishing balance and can never harm, only help;

– HOLISTIC: it addresses the body as a whole;

– PLEASANT: it can address any disease of the physical body;


– beneficial for any person of ANY AGE, from new-borns to the elderly.