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Although I have spent many years skiing, snowboarding, and nurturing ideas as an advertising executive, by profession, I am originally a psychologist.

In 2006, I left my exciting, creative job in communications to live in Kazakhstan and, later, India. My Asian encounters were fascinating. The unique regard for life, the equanimity found in the chaos of the streets, and the pervasive tranquillity that engulfs one, simply amazed me.

Whilst living in India, at the age of 29, I faced a serious health challenge. That is when my journey of discovering and changing, myself and my life began.

What I do now is – I save lives. I help those in search of happiness in health achieve balance on all levels of their being, the only state in which our body can function optimally. To do that, I use quite some magic of my fingers and my heart.

More concretely, I practice several ancient healing modalities, which give a natural and non-invasive boost to one’s body. These are exactly the techniques, which have helped me personally heal from an autoimmune disease. Because of this experience, I have decided to study them in depth and help others. To work with me and find out what others say about their experience, click here.

I believe in healing people and not merely their symptoms, in the magnificence of our body and its natural ability to heal.

I love life and bow before this miracle that it is.

I wish to live in a world of healthy people who understand that we are all but a part of nature and need to act accordingly.

I am a mommy to artsy Tara and a proud daughter of two extraordinary people.

I love my veggies, yoga, and the fresh powder snow under my Burton board.

My favourite smoothie recipe calls for a mix of 2 cups of chopped pineapple, 1 frozen banana, ½ cup raw coconut, 4 cups coconut water and ½ teaspoon spirulina. It’s called the deep blue sea.

Asja Dupanović